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Canadian economy

Our Canadian Economy

Canadians seek prosperity. Prosperity offers economic independence and strength. Prosperity is the positive consequence of a strong, healthy Canadian economy. As Leader and as future Prime Minister, Pierre will be focused on policies and initiatives which:

  • Reduce government spending. The reckless Trudeau Liberals have plunged Canada into appalling deficit spending, with experts reporting that Canada’s debt level will likely reach $1.5 Trillion by 2045.
  • Reduce personal income taxes. Canadians will keep more of their own hard earned money, which they will then spend in the economy. More cash flow in the economy means a stronger economy in which businesses will thrive. Businesses that grow create jobs for Canadians.
  • Reduce business income taxes. Businesses will retain more of their earnings, which they will re-invest in their businesses. Well-invested businesses grow and businesses that grow create jobs for Canadians.
  • Support for pipelines. Canadian pipelines are safe, they allow Canadians to use Canadian energy and they facilitate energy exports. Pipelines create Canadian jobs and strengthen our economy. Pierre believes that eastern Canadians should use Canadian energy – instead of spending billions of dollars overseas buying foreign oil. Canadians want to build a strong Canadian economy and Canadians investing in Canada through the use of Canadian energy is a key enabler. By using Canadian energy, Canadians will be investing in the Canadian economy instead of supporting foreign economies.
  • Repeal any federal carbon tax. Pierre is absolutely opposed to any carbon taxes - this type of taxation will inflict financial pain and suffering on every Canadian, with no discernible impact. It is important to recognize that Canada's contribution to the world's level of greenhouse gases is less than 2%. ‘Revenue Neutral’ carbon taxes are not revenue neutral.

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free speech

Freedom of Speech

Throughout this campaign, Pierre has been on the leading edge of fighting against political correctness and infringements on freedom of speech.  

Pierre stands for free speech.  Free speech empowers our democracy.  The freedom to speak openly without fear is a fundamental right. Debate based on mutual respect is what allows Canada to flourish.

And these principles are under attack.

Pierre is against M-103 and the use of terms like ‘Islamophobia’, which are meant to shutdown open discussion and debate.

As Conservative leader and future Prime Minister, Pierre will vote against Motions like M-103 and he will repeal Bill C-16 and empower Parliament to review all speech laws to ensure they properly balance freedom of speech and reasonable limits.

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free speech

On Being Conservative

If we are to win in 2019, we must show Canadians that we have different views and different principles than the Liberals.

We will not win by being ‘Liberal-Light’. The Liberals are currently moving their social agendas forward, and of concern is that they are doing so with the support of Conservatives.  As Conservatives, we need to stop voting for Liberal ideological Bills and Motions – we need to stop implementing the Liberal agenda within Canadian society. 

We need to know what we stand for as Conservatives.  Buying into Political Correctness and Liberal ideology hurts Conservative chances of winning in 2019.

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Life Issues

Pierre believes in the inherent dignity of human life from the moment of conception through to natural death.  He believes that life begins at conception and that medical science has proven this life is human.

We need to discuss and debate life issues in an open and respectful way - within society, within Parliament, and within our Conservative Party.  It is undemocratic and it diminishes those who value life when politicians, including Conservative politicians, state "that debate is over", "that debate is shut-down", "I will not re-open that debate".

Pierre has a different view.  Canada has a strong, healthy democracy and within that democracy, Canadians must be able to discuss and debate any subject of importance to them - and this includes life issues.  Life issues are important and touch each and every Canadian. 

Watch Pierre's video here.

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role of family

The Primary Role of Family in Canada

Strong families make for a strong country. Parents have the primary responsibility for raising their children.

Pierre respects parents as the first educators of their children and would ensure that federal government policies and initiatives do not insert themselves between parents and their children.

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Immigration and Terrorism

Canadians are open to immigration, but their top concern is that terrorism and radicalism will enter Canada through our current immigration system. 

Canada needs a leader who will keep terrorists out of our country.  Pierre will take concrete action to reduce the risk of terrorists entering Canada by increasing the number of face-to-face interviews for immigrants and refugees, especially from areas with high risk of radical Islamic terrorism.

We also need to discourage refugees trekking into Canada from the United States.  We need to encourage safe and legal immigration, not false refugee claims made in dangerous sub-zero temperatures by crossing into Canada through the woods. 

As Conservative leader and as Prime Minister, Pierre will work with the United States to amend the Safe Third Country agreement so that it applies all along our borders and not just at official border crossings.  We can then focus on real refugees fleeing from real persecution.

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The Military

Pierre joined our Canadian Armed Forces at the age of 17 and he served our country for 20 years.  He lived through the Liberal “Decade of Darkness” and endured its devastation on the morale and well-being of our military.  Our men and women in uniform give 100% to Canada – they deserve more than 1% from Canada. 

Pierre commits to our 2% NATO target and he would ensure our brave men and women in uniform have the tools they need to do their jobs with excellence.

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firearm ownership

Respect for Law-abiding Firearm Owners

Pierre served in the Army for 20 years. He is a current firearm owner and is also a competitive sport shooter.  As a firearm owner, Pierre understands very well the frustrations of law-abiding gun owners. They can count on Pierre to stand up for them.  

Pierre will work with Canadians and law-abiding gun owners to bring about needed change for law-abiding gun owners.

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supreme court

Supreme Court

It has been Supreme Court judges who have decided the most controversial questions of our times – not voters and not Parliament.

The Supreme Court needs to change, and it needs to be more accountable to Canadians. Pierre proposes creating term limits for Supreme Court judges, and giving Parliament a vote on the selection of new judges. 

Parliament must also be courageous in re-asserting its rightful role within our democracy through the appropriate use of the ‘notwithstanding clause’ when it serves the best interest of Canadians.

Supply Management

On Supply Management

Farmers feed cities! Canadians love our Canadian farmers and want to support them by purchasing their produce – and this includes dairy products, chicken, eggs and turkeys. I also support the stability that supply management offers hard working farmers and the vital contributions of supply management to our Canadian economy.

When I visit farms in my region, I see farmers raising their families and feeding Canadians with high quality, healthy and safe food – not the ‘cartels’ of other leadership candidates.

As Leader and as future Prime Minister, I will ensure that we open foreign markets for those farmers that produce far more than Canadians could possible consume (ie. pork, beef, grain and oil seeds, pulse crops etc) while ensuring that our supply management system continues to serve Canadians and farmers.

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United Nations

The United Nations

We send the UN hundreds of millions of dollars every year, but the UN spends more than what Canada provides on its administration alone. As Conservative leader and Prime Minister, Pierre will launch a full review of all funding provided to the UN.

If we can use that funding to actually help people in developing countries without the massive UN bureaucracy, Pierre says let’s do it.

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A key road to a just and enduring peace between Israel and the Palestinians is direct negotiations without pre-conditions.  Under Pierre’s leadership, Canada will support Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, while working to ensure a fair and lasting solution for all parties in the region.

The UN Security Council Resolution 2334 failed to sufficiently condemn ongoing Palestinian terrorism and was misguided in making definitive legal assertions regarding territories.

Pierre will have Canada continue its strong support for Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state in its homeland and will call on the UN to account for its ongoing bias against Israel.